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PDF For Roy Ireland, his brother Colin, and his friends Looby and Teach, a holiday away from their parents is an experiment in anarchy. They have a genius for mischief, a wit honed of a lifetime's fraternity and enough money to get them drunk in every pub in Shropshire, provided they go without food. Occasionally displaying a sensitivity that would surprise their own mothers, the four boys embark on a boat ride as harrowing as Apocalypse Now and as laden with portent as Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, wherein they bravely battle against Looby's foreboding warning, 'Life's boring if you do nowt.' Craig Smith was born in Huddersfield and attended Peter Sansom's Poetry Workshops. His first collection, L.O.V.E. Love, was published by Smith/Doorstop, back-to-back with Jackie Stead's Now She Is Old. He had to wait another 17 years for his next collection to appear, the long poem A Quick Word With a Rock and Roll Late Starter, published by the Bird Brothers at Rue Bella. He currently lives in London and works for the book publisher, O'Reilly.Super-8 is his first novel.

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