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PDF Gardeners learn the joy of creating color in the garden with ease

Any gardener can transform a dull perennial patch into a visual paradise with the expert tips in these beautifully illustrated pages. Written by a trained artist, "The Gardener's Palette "offers inspiration and instruction on "painting" with nature's colors. With a simple introduction to the color wheel and basic color theory, green thumbs learn to use harmonies and contrasts in the garden as an artist does on canvas. More than 300 glorious color photographs—many in close-up detail—showcase brilliant uses of color in gardens both real and impressionistic, including masterpieces by Monet and van Gogh.

This accessible guide offers chapters on container gardens, explaining how to experiment to create simple and complex color schemes by arranging and rearranging plant pots. Sections on background colors—neglected in other books—explore the visual roles of greens, grays, and whites in the garden. There are even suggestions on using pots, fabrics, and other outdoor decorating materials to enhance nature's hues. This handsome volume makes a wonderful gift for anyone striving to achieve color confidence in the garden.

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