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PDF Emergency Room Doctor, Jenny Anderson, might be manless right now, but she's come to find out her life is a lot less complicated that way. She's sorely tempted to change that situation though, when sexy wildcat oilman Chase Rhodes is brought into her ER for treatment of a gunshot wound, and then asks her to dinner.

With a mountain of student loans to pay off, an ex-fiance who accused her of sleeping with his father, and a crazy cat who hates men, she has enough on her plate though without adding a man in the mix, especially a patient, so she refuses. When Jenny finds out he was out on a boat with a woman when he got shot, and his mama tries to set her up with him by throwing a party to 'thank' her for saving her baby boy's life, Jenny quickly realizes two things about Chase Rhodes...he's a mama's boy and a player.

Even though the man looked like a male model, and had a smile that could melt her panties at fifty paces, she was not going there. Jenny had bigger things to worry about anyway, like deciding whether she was joining Doctors Without Borders and going to Africa for two years to pay off her student loans.

When Chase shows up at her apartment unexpectedly, and offers her a job that includes paying off her student loans and a six-figure salary to train his oil rig medics, it's one she can't refuse. With a choice between Africa and Amarillo, there really wasn't a choice...even if it meant resisting her irresistible new boss.

Waking up in the emergency room with a beautiful blond angel in white hovering above him, Chase Rhodes thought he was dead, but figured if she was his guide to the pearly gates, dying might be worth it. After the beautiful doctor patched him up, he couldn't resist asking her to dinner. When she turns him down flat, Chase is disappointed, but determined to win her over.

He was going to change his luck with women, starting now. For some reason, women just didn't think he was a keeper. They either wanted him for sex or friendship, and he was tired of it. He was friendly, helped out where he could, but they took that to mean he was only friendship material, evidently. Maybe if he was as much of a tool as the men they seemed to prefer, he'd be better off...but that just wasn't him.

Although he didn't need anymore female friends, Chase figures out that's where he'll have to start with the gorgeous woman, so he goes to her apartment to offer an olive branch. While there, Chase is stunned when she tells him she's considering going to Africa to pay off her student loans. He can't believe she doesn't consider it dangerous! Hell, with the unrest over there, she could be captured and traded for goats...not something he was going to let happen.

Since he and his daddy had been talking about hiring a Health and Safety Officer for their company, and she would be as good a fit as any, Chase offers her the job. He could train her on the safety part of the job, Chase knew oil derricks inside and out. He'd worked on them in every position, since he was a teenager. His idea seemed to be a good solution all the way around. It would also give him time to get to know her better and convince her to give him a chance.

Jenny throws a wrench in his idea though, when she adds the caveat that if she accepts the job, there would be no hanky panky between them. Having no choice if he wanted to keep her safe, Chase accepts her terms, and helps her move to Amarillo.

Soon, they are fighting more than their attraction to each other though, when several of his derricks are hit by arsonists, and his dad tells him to find out who's behind the sabotage fast. As the well fires heat up, so do Jenny and Chase's feelings for each other, and battling both proves impossible.

It's hot in the Texas oil patch, but even hotter at Rhodes Drilling and Exploration, for more reasons than one.

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