Simon Seth Reede - Master's Journey (The Mastery #1). PDF

PDF Sid Solomon, Grand Master of the centuries-old organization of occult practitioners known as The Mastery, sets out on a journey to the far reaches of the astral plane to investigate signals from an unknown source that threaten to spark a devastating war with the Astral Powers. His journey derails in ways he cannot understand, leaving him terrified of astral travel. And although war has somehow been averted, Sid alone knows that his journey remains unfinished, that his time as Grand Master was a sham, and that one day, his destiny will catch up to him. Dr. Bob Taylor, prominent psychiatrist and developer of a foolproof technique for treating multiple personality disorder, encounters a woman impervious to his procedure. His secretive attempt to salvage the case using an unconventional and unproven method backfires, and he begins to experience the same terrifying nightmares as his patient. Paralyzed by insomnia and teetering on the brink of insanity, he seeks out Sid Solomon's help. Tim Wake, a bright young research fellow on Taylor's psychiatric unit, pursues a woman who insists he join her at a class in telepathic zenzing. But in the practice session, he's paired up with Gwen, a temptress who seduces him telepathically and then, after becoming lovers, persuades him that the Mastery is responsible for the horrid dreams he's been experiencing. Her true agenda remains hidden, and it could cost him his life-or worse. All three are caught up in a web of inter-dimensional intrigue that will tie their fates together on the earth plane and the astral realms in ways they never could have imagined. Master's Journey is the first book of The Mastery, a trendsetting new series that trounces conventional genres of Sci-Fi and Fantasy in its fast-paced romp across the astral plane. Astral travel, demonic possession, brain-wave technology, dark tantric sex, power objects, the sculpting of thought-forms, and the after-death realms-all feature prominently in this unique and innovative metaphysical thriller.

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