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Mary Ann and The Secret In The Attic
Author Ann M. Martin

I loved the book Mary Ann and the secret in the attic it was secretive and full of surprises.
The main characters in this book is Mary Anne Spier, Dawn Shafer, Richard Spier, Her grandparents Verna and Bill.
Mary Ann had a dream about her when she was a baby she was yelling for her mama she was also holding a kitten and she wants to know more so she goes up into the attic of hers and dawns house and looks in some boxes to see if she can find anything about her mom and she finds pictures of her with these old man and woman and she doesn't know who they are then she starts reading the letters she finds out that those people she was with in the pictures were her grandparents.
One day she heard a phone call and her father picks it up so she does to and listens on to the conversation and she’s wondering if her grandmother was sorry to give and want her back.
She wants to know more answers even when she’s she tells her father and her stepsister Dawn and friends. I think i liked this book because i like books with secrets and hiding family pasts. People should read this book because they might like to read secretive books with surprises inside.

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