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PDF "My first afternoon in these islands has not yet ended, & I have already seen something so alarming that I must ask for your help" are the opening words of a remarkable novel that in theme & treatment is reminiscent of the famous short stories of Jorge Luis Borges—not surprising in view of the fact that Adolfo Bioy-Casares has been Borges’ friend, collaborator & acknowledged disciple. Borges’ preoccupation with the philosophical concepts of time & space are echoed here, altho the truth is hidden from the reader until the end of this bafflingly haunting tale. From the time the hero, Henri Nevers, a French naval lieutenant, is posted to Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana & its island penal colonies, he is confronted by a series of inexplicable events: garbled messages, strange disappearances, death. Nevers is led to doubt the evidence of his senses. Daniel Halpern, editor of Antaeus, writes: "The story...arrives at the end with startling juxtapositions—sensory & narrative. Bioy-Casares’ statement is finally one of freedom, the illusion of freedom, that metaphorically transforms itself in the final pages with an unsettling effect."
ADOLFO BIOY-CASARES lives & writes in Buenos Aires. His friendship with Borges goes back some forty years. He wrote Plan de Evasion in the early '40s when Peronism severely curtailed the writer’s freedom. It was published shortly after The Invention of Morel, probably his most famous story & the inspiration for the movie Last Year at Marienbad. His latest novel, Dormir al Sol, is a bestseller in Argentina & has led to an increased appreciation of his importance in contemporary Latin American literature. Assistance for the translation of this volume was given by the Center for Inter-American Relations.—Editorial Galerna, Buenos Aires.

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