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PDF The Kabbalah of Time is an interactive investigation of two fundamental mysteries: the Absolute (God) and the Infinite (time-space). Everything that has form was shaped by the transitory nature of time. God, devoid of form, as presented in the Biblical text, is a God that does not belong to time. Using mystical teachings within Judaism to learn from the perspective of beyond time, Rabbi Nilton Bonder presents some intriguing questions and mysterious answers that can contribute to a better intimacy with reality. Viewing Creation as the Creation of time itself he proposes a countdown for the establishment of sequential time as we know it.

Day 1: The Everlasting produces the Now.
Day 2: The Now produces existence.
Day 3: Existence produces death.
Day 4: Death produces feelings.
Day 5: Feelings produce intelligence.
Day 6: Intelligence produces the past.
Day 7: The past produces the future.

Why would a Creator by nature be hidden and invisible?
Can something exist without being inside time?
Where did we come from and where do we go when we leave time?
What if time could be understood as a place, a place that has no direction?

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