Jan Christensen - Artie and the Green-Eyed Woman. PDF

PDF Artie is beginning to rethink his profession when he again meets a stunning woman outside the door of a store he has just robbed. This one only wants him to use his lock-picking skills to open a door across the alley. Until, that is, she's attacked, kills her attacker and demands Artie pull the guy inside. They're not quite even now, but close. She knows he robbed the store. He knows she killed a man. Then he leaves, thinking he'll never see the green-eyed woman again. Unfortunately for Artie, the woman soon reenters his life, and now she wants him to open even more locks for her. It seems Artie can never refuse a beautiful woman needing a favor. This one almost gets him killed. Will he ever learn? Another Artie caper combining the clever robber and a beautiful woman. Third in The Artie Crimes short story series.

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