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PDF First of all thanks to Jen Minkman for writing this story and for giving it as a present to your readers. :) Books as presents = <3 <3

4.5 stars!

The book is short (around 30 pages), but I felt that it shouldn't have been longer. Sure I am kind of curious as to what will happen that evening, and I am still curious about the world that our main character is in, but I am also satisfied. Getting closer to the ending I was worried it would end up to be an inconclusive ending/open ending. Lucky everything was said and done, and I loved the decision that our main character took. I hope it won't cost her though.

The world that our main character lives in is one that is truly Dystopian. We got a flood, a world threatened by water (hey, sounds like my country!), and a city/world trying to do its best, and I think failing at that. You have the differences in housing. Higher ups, people who have money live highest in the towers, and will thus probably have a higher chance to survive a flood should it come and break the walls of the city. Then we have the really weird work that people do. You either are lucky and have real work, or you will work until your death on the treadmills and such. It is an interesting touch, however I do want to know why.
Oh, did I mention curfew? Did I mention: no singing, music making or reading books (because, oh dear, people might think for themselves).
As you can see we got a whole messed up world, and I loved it.
So I am also kind of hoping we will get an extra book (or maybe a series) about this world. Like how it came to exist, how everything got stricter and less filled with freedom and then ending up with our current main character.

I loved the main character, she is strong and she tries her best to survive in a world without much freedom. She finds out about singing (I loved her reaction to it, I had no clue what she was doing until that grandpa of hers said she was singing, I was thinking she was making weird noises) and finds a big secret, a wonderful secret that promises warmth, freedom and happiness.

All in all, I adored this book. It was fun, it was lovely and I just couldn't stop reading. I would really recommend this book. It is perfect for this season, so if you are searching for a holiday book, read this one!

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