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PDF yes that's what really annoyed me as well !! how could just like that as he learnt that shannon had been a rescue pilot, then only take her to bed and propose marriage !? if he did love her, he should have given in much before..even when he thought she was a superficial bitch. he judged her so wrongly and accepted her only when he got to know she was not the bitch he thought. i dunno i cud not get pass that fact. n how cud shannon still be a virgin n waiting 4 him !? after the awful way he had treated her..taking her 4 some kind of whore. n the title was misleading as usual.he was not her husband. he proposed at the end of the book n they did not get married in the book. i dunno watsup wid those harlequin titles they always put misleading titles. just who chose those titles huh !? neway i still liked the book. elizabeth power's books r always very entertaining n lovable even if u don't like the hero's character. she's a great author !! =D

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