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PDF Laura Resnick, author of the popular Esther Diamond urban fantasy series, began her writing career as award-winning romance novelist Laura Leone. In his sexually-charged WWII-era romance, American spy Paul Finley stumbles into consciousness one misty dawn to discover he's lost his memory in a brutal beating administered by the Gestapo. As he recovers in hiding, deep in the French countryside, a beautiful French Resistance operative, Gabrielle, tries to help him unlock the important secret that's buried in his mind. But there's a ruthless traitor after Paul, and the precarious situation will turn deadly if Paul can’t remember what he knows—and whom he truly trusts and loves. As the days march inexorably toward the Allied invasion of Europe, love wars with duty, and Paul and Gabrielle are caught in the dangerous embrace of destiny.

Also available is Laura Leone's FIRE & FLAME, a never-before-published collection of short stories set in this era which includes several additional tales about the protagonists of this novel.

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