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PDF Leo Braudy's first scholarly book, Narrative Form in History and Fiction (1970), is one of the best pieces of Fielding scholarship I have read since I started to write this chapter. This book will certainly be of interest to anyone who is working on genre but it should also prove quite useful to those working on knowledge and narrative procedures. Braudy's most compelling readings of Fielding bring together his fine-grained analysis of the prose and the representation of character in Joseph Andrews and Tom Jones with Enlightenment notions of "perception," "observation," and the accumulation of evidence. One of Braudy's most interesting claims is that in Fielding's fiction we find the application of the emerging principles of inductive reasoning. He juxtaposes Fielding and Hume to show how theories of history are at work in both "histories" and "novels." What makes Braudy's work stand out, even thirty-nine years after its publication, from among the wealth of Fielding scholarship is his ability to read Fielding in the context of the Enlightenment and of emerging procedures of knowledge while offering an accute and always engaging examination of Fielding's unique style.

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