Beverly Farr - Forgotten Honeymoon (Summer Wedding, #1). PDF

PDF I liked it, I especially liked that it had an original premise. The story starts with Kelly waking up in the hospital after a car accident. She soon learns that she has amnesia and has no memory of the last three weeks. Fast forward two months and Kelly discovers she is pregnant. She is shocked since she is a virgin and has no memory of how she became pregnant. I thought this was an interesting plot, not one I’ve read before.

Kelly was okay. I didn’t always think her reactions to situations seemed realistic. She was fickle. I thought her post-amnesia feelings for Nigel and Lars flipped too quickly. I guess Lars had been a close friend for a long time, but she’d never thought of him as anything else. I thought Lars was a little TOO serious, borderline workaholic. I get opposites attracting, but I still think you have to have some things in common, and I’m not sure if they had anything in common (besides a physical attraction). I think they’ll end up driving each other nuts in the long run. Hopefully they’ll learn some good communication skills along the way.

I was confused with a couple of Kelly's memories. (view spoiler)