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PDF I can not believe this was an Amanda Ashley novel. It was the worst book I've read by her ever. Maybe the worse book I've read in a very long time. It wasn't that the outline of the plot was terrible. I mean it's silly of course, but it could have been handled with humor, but it was just flat and boring, with no chemistry between the H/H. A vampire and a wizard's daughter are trapped for centuries inside two separate paintings. Jason is released from the curse by Karinna. They fall in love, but she can't get past his being a vampire.The heat level is almost G rated. Jason feels obligated to release the wizard's daughter from the curse as well. Once released she realizes he doesn't love her and runs away. She just so happens to run into a vampire and decides to stay with him. The Wizard that cast the spell knows it was broken and sets out exact his revenge. The writing was just plain terrible. Too much time is spent on the two cursed people acclimating themselves to our century. She describes their adjustments when the vampire is released and again when the witch is released. One minute Jason doesn't help carry bags because in his time women carried and fetched so the men could keep their hands free to grab their weapons, then later Jason was as always the gentleman and helped carry in the groceries. I have said this many times, I am not hard to please. I overlook a great many things other reviewers complain about in books, but this was just plain bad. Very disappointed .

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