Dorothy Cannell - Mum's the Word (Ellie Haskell Mystery, #4). PDF

PDF Another in the Ellie Haskell mystery series.In this one, Ellie is pregnant, moody, and travels to the U.S. with her husband for a chance for him to be admitted to a secret society of chefs.Story is set in a mansion on an island in Illinois, and invloves disappearing people and a possible murder which Ellie helps to unravel.

The mystery story line is good involving mysterious characters, unexplained disappearances, a possible murder, and a mother-daughter rivalry because of a Mommy Dearest Joan Crawford type best seller.The title also works on multiple levels with requirements of the chef society, Ellie the expectant mother, and mother-daughter relationships.

Though the story works well, I don't enjoy Cannell's Ellie character a lot.I don't care for Ellie's flippancy and wise cracking ways along with her constant swings back and forth between extremes regarding her husband.Gets tiresome.I also found Ellie's frequent dream sequences confusing at times, though the information revealed helped to move the story along as well as developed the various meanings of the title.

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