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PDF I was initially very disappointed with the quality of this book when I first read it. I thought the pictures and color were very appealing in comparison to other Old Testament survey books, but the mistakes which I found in this book made me a bit wary.After a year's perspective, however, I feel that my initial review was too critical.Overall, I would say that this textbook gives a good overview of each book of the OT, and I feel that when I need a quick overview, I can refer back to it as a resource.

My initial review was based mostly on the following mistakes: Verse references and illustration references in the book were incorrect, which I believe decreases its integrity and credibility. For example, on pg 214, the citation for 2 Sm 6:6-8 should actually be 2 Sm 5:6-8. Another example, on pg. 242, "Jotham of Israel" should actually be "Jotham of Judah".

Other issues I had with this book: the key terms are never defined in the book. You have to look it up in the accompanying CD to find the definitions. Also, I found that often times, the point/message that the authors are trying to convey in their paragraphs and sections are never clearly stated (they beat around the bush and go in circles). Lastly, the attempts at application/contextualization seem to have been added to the ends of sections almost as an afterthought, and they stood out like a sore thumb with incongruence to the train of thought.

Hopefully, with a good editor's eye, this book can be revised and improved to be a good resource for seminary students.

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