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PDF This graphic novel gets 5 stars for the artwork - the creator uses a fantastic painting style that is both beautiful to look at and quick enough to skim over, which makes the comic very readable (usually I would say I'm not a fan of full colour painted comics as the highly detailed artwork tends to adversely affect the pace of reading and enjoying the story).

Apart from the artwork tho, the plot of this comic couldn't get much more wishy-washy or teen-angsty. The main character is a teen girl who is questioning her existence and relationships with others (as teens usually do), but she is finding no point to her life, so she is constantly trying to buck up the courage to throw herself off a roof.

In the hands of a skilled writer the story could have been a much more poignant or dramatic one, where the reader is drawn into the girl's troubles, told a little about her past or reasons why she might feel like this, or introduced to some characters who help the girl come to terms with herself...but instead we are just hit repeatedly over the head with her random whinings, until a part of us wishes she would just throw herself of the roof and have done with it.

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