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PDF Professor Peter L. Hays, an experienced teacher who has taught The Sun Also Rises for more than forty years, has gathered together other seasoned instructors who teach Ernest Hemingway's rich and complex novel. An informative collection of approaches to the presentation of The Sun Also Rises, this volume provides historic background and a glossary of arcane references, presents critical interpretations, and offers methodologies to inspire teachers of college and high school students. From material on the bitter aftermath of World War I and the "Lost Generation" to current theories on the construction and performance of gender, this collection provides everything today's instructors need to develop and explain the themes in this classic of modern literature. The essays reveal that The Sun Also Rises is not just a work about the 1920s but a complex novel that can be taught as an embodiment of existential philosophy; a statement about the construction and performance of gender; and a discussion of themes of masculinity, theory, and psychoanalysis.

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