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PDF Another very good offering from the Modern Peacemaker series.
Vicki Cox writes engagingly and simply on the life of Nobel Prize winner Oscar Arias Sanchez and concentrates particularly on his work in late-1980s Central America as the broker of peace in the neighbouring isthmus countries - the work that would eventually lead to his Nobel nomination.
The text covers the main elements of Arias' work in bringing Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua to the negotiating table in the late 1980s to gain a commitment to end the internal strife that was ripping apart their countries at the time.The discussion is, at times, simplistic and a lack of 'follow up' on the relative success of the "Arias Plan" does detract from the book a little.A context for Arias' rise to power in Costa Rica and his wealthy background is covered but a more balanced account of why he was/isunpopular in some quarters for maintaining the inequality in Costa Rican society would have added greater balance to the book as others in the series do successfully..
All of that said, the book's main concentration on Arias' peace work and his labour on the international stage, his commitment to non-violence, and his noble opposition to US political pressure and Nicaraguan obstruction in the late-1980s, make this overall a worthwhile read.

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