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PDF Treachery is commonplace among houses of royalty, whether this treachery originates in the human realm, or the realm of the Faerie. When Lilith, the Queen of Dark and Shadow, orchestrates the assassination of Malakas Ko, one of the thousand kings of Ever Wood, the Faerie realm, and ruler of the Mountain Fey, and his Queen Ina, their only daughter, the faerie princess Ganda Ko narrowly escapes with her life.
Gravely wounded during the troll attack, Ganda Ko flees to Other Land, the human realm where she is rescued by a reclusive widower.
Stark, who lost his wife Annie a few years back, lives out his days in seclusion on his tiny farm nestled in the crook of a remote Appalachian valley deep in the North Georgia mountains. Stark takes her in and tends to her wounds, curious as to how this strange, but beautiful woman appeared on his front porch in the middle of a winter storm.
How Ganda Ko arrived here though, becomes the least of Stark's curiosities as he begins to hear strange things going bump in the night, and seeing even stranger.
Stark soon discovers strange is the norm at his remote mountain farm with six chickens , one cow and a tiny garden. From Jack Frost perched on a scaffold etching ice designs on his window pane, to the elves that wash his dishes each night, a wise old lawn gnome, and the ogre disguised as an oak tree, standing guard in his side yard, Stark discovers a beautiful faerie princess is the least of his worries.
Soon, Stark is swept up in a wave of ruthless faerie politics and pledges to keep the Princess Ganda Ko safe from harm as the usurping Dark Queen Lilith seeks to wipe out the House of Ko.
Joined by cursed knight, a family of ogres, a dwarf nation, elves and even a giant, Stark and Ganda Ko set out to avenge the deaths of her parents and reclaim her rightful seat upon the Ever Wood throne.
And perhaps, they discover, true love is eternal, a circle without beginning or end, their "Ever After."
D. P. Brown is Dan Brown, a 35-year veteran of newspaper and radio, and an award-winning columnist, writer and photographer.
While Yankee by birth, Dan is Southern by the grace of God and his stories are woven with the rich fabric of classic Southern fiction.
A Faerie's Tear is the fourth novel by D. P. Brown. Other D. P. Brown novels include Locked Hearts, The Lunch Box and Broken.

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