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PDF Is networking a bit of a drag for you? Do you want to use networking as a competitive advantage? Want to know how to build relationships and connections to grow your career, leads, client base, and business opportunities?

Networking isn't always easy, especially when you'd rather be home browsing the Internet than be out schmoozing strangers. Even when you're a people person, you probably can't afford to squeeze in the time to make several phone calls a week or go to regular networking events. Networking might not even land you a job right away because you still have to set things in motion, get people to talk about you, or try to influence HR staff to create a position for you.

The good news is that, in this day and age, networking doesn't have to mean face-to-face interactions and in-person meetings, because communication can be mediated by technology. And the connections you build can be just as well-entrenched as those you create in the offline world. There's even better news: in his latest book, "Building Connections 2014," Dominic Wolff shows you how to combine business and online-based networking to develop a strong base of employment opportunities, strengthen future career goals, and expand social circles.

By reading "Building Connections 2014," you will discover:

The best way to build rapport with people you meet How to build professional relationships The pros and cons of old school and new school networking methods How to cultivate current and prospective relationships Marketing tips that focus on networking How to use a wide variety of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Meetup How to use various social networking websites for your career building advantage Effective social media marketing strategies How to make a social media profile that can catch the eyes of marketing and employment recruitersDominic Wolff knows the easiest route to networking. By getting a copy of his book, you, too, will master networking. So, scroll up and hit "Buy Now!"

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