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PDF The title of this book is misleading because I expected to actually read reflections about God in nature and the world around us. This was the case with the first section of the book, but the rest was more personal essay — and sometimes very personal to the point of confusion because the author was being so vague about a circumstance or situation...if you don't want to go into detail to make your point clear, don't include the story.

Additionally, there was no indication of a theological check on any of what was written. There have been times in my walk when I've journaled and speculated about God and why he does what he does, but I wouldn't publish these things without checking what I've written against what the Bible actually says. Its irresponsible since you don't know who your reader is. If I were a new Christian reading this book, I would walk away with a lot of incorrect impressions of who God is.

I personally wouldn't recommend this book to anyone except for the first section, and even then I would recommend just reading it like you would secular prose.

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