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PDF In recent years, a common question that has been tossed around by critics of Christianity is, why God never heals amputees. When someone wants to discredit the idea of healing, the amputee question is often tossed out as a ‘gotcha’.

Unlike some of the shows we see today, Jesus restored the amputees, paralyzed, and crippled. His critics never disputed the miracles. The criticism came because He healed on the Sabbath, and His religious enemies attributed His miracles to the power of Satan. Even the Talmud, the Jewish historical record, didn’t dispute the miracles. The Talmud is very hostile to Christ, but it still confirms the miracles. The writers of the Talmud called His miracles acts of sorcery.

The real question is not, Why doesn’t God love / heal amputees? The question is, What is the purpose behind the miracles of the apostles, and how does this apply today?

This short booklet looks at this question and why God allows suffering in the world.

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