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PDF Alan Flusser, one of America's foremost menswear designers, knows fine clothes and where to buy them. He shares all this in his insightful and elegantly written treatise for the man interested in savvy attire. Tuck this volume into a corner of your suitcase and you'll be armed with a connoisseur's knowledge of the dos and don'ts of buying and wearing quality clothes and how much they should cost, from dinnerwear to casual sportswear. Open "Style and the Man" and learn about: what to wear when you shop and why the difference between a $395 and a $1,000 suit (and how to make sure you're getting your money's worth) what two words to look for on a costly dress shirt's label why the folds in a cummerbund should always be worn facing upward how to recognize sports clothes capable of providing stylish longevity Turn to the author's 200 favorite men's stores spanning seventeen cities in eight countries' both celebrated designer flagships and tiny shops known only to a privileged few and discover: the little-known New York store that sells shoes that offer instant "cachet" where the fashion set goes for the best T-shirt

In "Style and the Man," Alan Flusser has created the perfect traveling companion for those men wishing to expand their sartorial knowledge as well as their wardrobe.

"Alan is one of the most knowledgeable experts on men's fashion, and has created the ultimate reference for everything you need to know about good taste, great style, and where to find it throughout the world." —Ralph Lauren

"Alan Flusser is knowledgeable, cultivated, and a true gentleman in every sense of the word. The clothes he created for me in Wall Street elicited the most attentionand applause of any costume design done for any of my films." —Michael Douglas

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