Victoria Kinnaird - The Red Sun Rises (The Red Sun Rises #2). PDF

PDF Eren Anderson thought he could leave his troubles in All Hallows. He was wrong. For teen vampire Eren, his boyfriend Corbijn and best friend Andy, Paris seemed like the perfect place to escape to but the City of Light has darkness in its heart. While Eren finds himself struggling to deal with the horror he witnessed in his home town and fighting to reign in his power to cast, a surprising new enemy makes moves to destroy the one thing Eren can't live without - Corbijn. With The Order of Our Mother refusing to help save him, Eren, Corbijn, Andy and Order rebel Tamesis unlock a source of power which hasn't been called on in over 100 years.

"The Red Sun Rises: Fire and Ash" is the second book in The Red Sun Rises Trilogy and the sequel to Victoria Kinnaird's international bestselling debut "The Red Sun Rises". Join Eren as he challenges The Order, accepts his fate and answers the terrifying question: how far would you go to save the man you love?

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