Debie Esmeralda - Fall In Love (Unlikely, #1). PDF

PDF Amanda Sparks, a waitress by the day and a hooker at night, witnesses a car accident and meets Damon Rhodes―the man that will change her life forever.

Damon Rhodes, a blue-eyed billionaire, paid her for her companionship and not what she usually was paid for to do as a prostitute. Damon is the collection of every girl’s fantasy rolled into one fine looking man. It felt like she is Cinderella and Prince Charming comes to slip the glass slipper on her foot.

But Amanda is not welcome into his world of money and fame. So when their relationship changes from “professional” to “personal”, Amanda’s status changes as well. From being the girl waiting on the streets for a guy to pick her up, she becomes high society’s most disgusted person.

Can two people from two different worlds make a fairytale turn into reality, or are they not likely to be in love at all?

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