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PDF It's difficult writing about Battletech books. They all revolve around battles involving 'mechs and they differ only in the quality of the description of these battles and how exciting they are. A lot of them also form part of a greater narrative as they form part of the living 'history' of the future that they are set in. This book is a particular point in case. Set in the middle of the FedCom Civil war and involving major characters and forming a major set of events during the period, you can only really appreciate this fully as part of the overall bigger picture.

What makes this story so good is that it is an important event in the Battletech 'history'. You have the first major Clan incursion into Inner Sphere territory since the destruction of Clan Smoke Jaguar by the Star League. The story is filled with tensions between the Inner Sphere forces that are on opposite sides of the FedCom Civil War having to work together to stop the common Clan enemy. At many points you are left wondering are one part of the Inner Sphere forces going to betray each other or not.

You are also treated to numerous excellent battles with the author skilfully switching between sweeping large scale descriptions and diving straight into the cockpit to sit amongst the heat and tension of a 'mech pilot in the heat of battle.If you are a fan of Battletech then you really cannot let this book pass you by.

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