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PDF Walking away from a person you love is as difficult as it is necessary at times. After three years together, Sgt. Noah Davenport felt he had no option but to leave Kristen after she told him she was pregnant, because of a secret he had not shared with her. Six years earlier, Noah discovered that he would never be able to father a child. Could two independent tests be wrong?
The fabric of Kristen's reality was shredded beyond anything she could recognize as she struggled why the man she loved, the man she envisioned growing old with, would leave her when she needed him the most. From the moment he first looked into her eyes, she surrendered her heart, her mind, and her soul, committing herself to him, always remaining faithful. Seeing the first ultrasound reminded her of the love that created this life, and she faced her situation, without help from anyone.
This is a story of love, and the forgiveness needed to sustain it. It is a journey of Kristen's and Noah's life together and life apart, with the hopes of a happily ever after.

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