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PDF What is this book about?(DTS) Data Transformation Services helps you create a transactional system to load and transform your data from and to a wide variety of sources. SQL Server DTS was introduced in the release of SQL Server 7.0; however, SQL Server 2000 sees the functionality and power of this outstanding and incredibly useful tool greatly increased. DTS can be used to maximum effect in data-driven applications, offering rapid and effective solutions to a wide range of common problems.

"Professional SQL Server 2000 DTS" provides a complete introduction to DTS fundamentals and architecture before exploring the more complex data transformations involved in moving data between different servers, applications, and providers. The book then focuses on DTS programming via the DTS object model, enabling developers to incorporate custom transformations and reporting capabilities into their applications. Advanced topics are explained including error handling, dynamic data loading, and data warehouses. With code and case studies, this book gives the reader a complete picture of how to use DTS to its fullest potential.

What does this book cover?

Here are just a few of the things you'll find covered in this book: A detailed explanation of the seventeen principal DTS tasksConnecting to, querying, and converting heterogeneous dataDynamic configuration of your DTS packagesEnhancing your DTS packages with VBScript and Visual BasicWriting your own custom tasksUsing DTS in a data-warehousing environmentEmploying DTS in other applications

Who is this book for?

This book is principally aimed at database programmers and administrators who have a working knowledge of SQL Server, and who wish to take DTS beyond its most basic level and tailor it to their needs. It will also appeal to managers and project managers who want to gain an understanding of DTS and how it could benefit their businesses.

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