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PDF The Old Testament is as long as all the other standard works combined.
Rather than discuss every verse and person in this standard work,
the authors have concentrated on two objectives: first, providing an
accurate, engaging, and inspiring commentary; and second, helping the
reader see the coming of Jesus Christ in the verses of the Old Testament.
These two volumes also include a concise explanation of every significant
event and doctrine recorded by the ancient patriarchs, prophets, and
poets. It also includes numerous photos, paintings, maps, and charts,
and discusses important archaeological discoveries. Certain key topics
are "featured sections"-including the names of God, the ten plagues of
Egypt, the Passover, sacrificial offerings and feasts and festivals under the
law of Moses, how to understand Isaiah, prophecies of the Messiah, and
the lives of various Old Testament figures as types and shadows of Christ.

D. Kelly Ogden, a professor of ancient scripture at BYU, earned a
master's degree in Hebrew language and a PhD in Middle East studies.
He has served as president of the Chile Santiago East Mission.
He has written numerous works on the Holy Land, where he and his
family lived for fourteen years.
Andrew C. Skinner, professor of ancient scripture at BYU, is a former
dean of religious education. He holds master's degrees in Hebrew
Bible and theology and a PhD in history.
The late Ellis T. Rasmussen was a dean of religious education at BYU,
where he taught for more than thirty years. He was the author of A
Latter-day Saint Commentary on the Old Testament.

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