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Balancing Act is an informational book for teens on how to manage stress. Information includes what stress is, the difference between good and bad stress, how to cope, and how stress affects your body. Teens can also get information on how to handle situations such as bullies, an abusive household, and ways teens can change their routines, habits and diets.

This book gave some great information that as an adult I did not even know. Although the book is for teens I believe some adults can benefit from the information of this book, and relate to some examples given. The only issue I had with this book is the illustrations. First the illustrations were not consistent. For example the illustrations through the book were mostly cartoon except for two that were photographs. I believe the book should have one or the other; the photographs seemed out of place. Second in one illustration it showed a teen blowing out fire and another teen lighting a cigarette from it. However information in the book tells the reader smoking is bad.

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