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PDF Like biting into a moldy, urine-soaked madeleine, this book brings the grim corruption of the Reagan years back into memory with a pungent immediacy. Oh how it all came rushing back…the multiple deaths of language, the self-righteous, braying, mindless 'patriotism', the horrifying feeling that huge swathes of the populace had been replaced by pods that couldn't tell when they were being blatantly lied to, the criminalization of the homeless, the relentless greed.

It reminded me why I was happy when he died. And read now, after the Cheney Regency, it comes into even sharper focus: want to know how the Bush Administration turned out to be so morally & legally corrupt, and so staggeringly disconnected from reality? They had a script, passed down from The Great Actor himself.

An excellent book, but watch your blood pressure. Read about Manucher Ghorbanifar, and then reflect on the fact that he was reincarnated 20 years later as Ahmed Chalabi…and managed to steal yet another blithely ignorant American president blind once again.

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