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The Good War: An Oral History of World War II is Studs Terkel's history of the lives of ordinary Americans, at home and abroad, during WW II.

Here are stories of one of the Andrews Sisters visiting a military hospital, and a young man recalling the awe General Patton inspired in his troops. Here too, are those who stayed at home:the relief workers, the big shots in Washington, the young men surrounded by a sudden supply of young women.And here are the accounts of the panic that struck the West Coast after Pearl Harbor—and the full story of "the Bomb," told by a scientist who developed it and the pilot who dropped it.

Terkel spoke not only with Americans, but also with those who lived through the war in Japan, Russia, Germany, England and France.He shows us both sides of the war, what it was like to shell as well as to be shelled.

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