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At a crossroads in his life after a bitter divorce, Andrew Hastings fights to prove he can be a great father while trying to climb the corporate ladder. Desperate to prove himself to his latest boss, Andrew works tirelessly to launch International Food & Milling’s revolutionary, new weight-loss product. However, when a colleague leaves him a cryptic voicemail minutes before her tragic death, Andrew starts asking questions that lead him down a deadly trail of corporate deceit. As the death count rises, Andrew realizes he’s the latest target, and he goes on the run to uncover the truth and save his family.

Showcasing an extraordinary blend of action and suspense with an insider's firsthand expertise of the food industry, Bruce Bradley’s debut novel is a heart-pounding thrill ride reminiscent of Michael Crichton’s finest work. Wrapped in a story of corporate misdeeds that’s all too common in today’s headlines, FAT PROFITS will have you glued to your seat until the very last page.

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