Margaret Frazer - The Reeve's Tale (Sister Frevisse #9). PDF

PDF Dame Frevisse, as being the most "worldly" of the St. Frideswide's nuns, is often sent to various places on nunnery business. In this book, she is at the local village of Prior Byfield. Accompanying Frevisse is Sister Thomasine, a very quiet sister. The new prioress, feeling that Thomasine keeps too much to herself, praying quietly, decided it would be good for her to gain some experience outside the nunnery and assigns her to accompany Frevisse about nunnery and village business. When a measles epidemic breaks out in the village the sisters are forbidden to return to the nunnery for fear of spreading the disease. Frievisse is caught up in murder investigations while Thomasine nurses sick children. This book dramatically develops the character of Thomasine.

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