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PDF WORM HOLES, ANTI MATTER, THE REALITY OF OTHER DIMENSIONS! Here is the latest scientific as well as metaphysical findings on a topic that has long fascinated the public.As a youth, the author found himself fascinated with the craters on the moon and on the possibility of life in the universe. He later took courses in geometry, trigonometry and differential calculus, as well as electronics and physics, anticipating the building of space ships and time machines.His icon was Nikola Tesla.During the Vietnam era, Hamilton served as an Air Force Security Service member, reporting directly to NSA. INCLUDES FIVE WAY TO INSTANTLY TRAVERSE THE COSMIC LANES OF TIME AND SPACE.Added material includes SELF HELP GUIDE TO TIME TRAVEL with Commander X, former military intelligence operative.This virtual course on Time Travel includes two special hour long CDs - Exploring Future Lives with metaphysical giant Brad Steiger, and Hamilton's personal audio findings.

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