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In FOUL, our hero, Brando Mahr, lost his mind in 1972, as the result of close proximity with a huge explosion.He has been diagnosed with aphasia and epilepsy.

FOUL is a murder mystery picaresque, an an episodic adventure with a roguish scamp for a protagonist.Imagine, if you will, a centuries old prototype of Indiana Jones.

After several years in army hospitals, Brando felt himself healed enough to escape from the Veterans complex inWest Los Angeles .

Still, there was the aphasia, and no denying he suffered serious Jacksonian epilepsy…and the army did everything they could to discourage his exit.

He found a menial job, carting books into the bowels of the UCLA library, and there reconstructed his mind, his ability to think and his ability to speak…unfortunately, by reading London Street Penny novels no one had seriously looked into since Napoleon was the scourge of Europe .

Still, the human spirit being what it will, Brando has begun on the lower rungs of show biz, and with the help of his writerly ninja nuns pals, is working in Hollywood, where nobody knows who’s truly mentally challenged and who is just pretending.

Brando, whose language ranges from colorful through unpredictable to vague and unintelligible, is attempting to develop a documentary drama based on an old pro football game that may have been rigged.But when All-Pro Hall of Famer Ripper Brown’s lovely and luscious blond wife is brutally murdered, Brando surfaces as the prime suspect.Can he clear himself, and at the same time solve this foul mystery?
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