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PDF Literary Nonfiction. Essays. MAKING WAVES offers a mosaic of fresh approaches toward shaping a new "literacy of place"—a more coherent understanding of British Columbia and Pacific Northwest literature in the 21st century. Providing new insights into how vividly local—but never far removed from cosmopolitan developments—the region's literary production has been, the collection features archival references to a constellation of the area's essential literary figures. The fifteen essays by established and newer voices examine creation myths among West Coast literary institutions, gender roles, and ethnicity in the region's expanding literary community, critical challenges to nationalist and ecological traditions, and also pay homage to some of our celebrated elders, including Earle Birney, George Woodcock, Robin Blaser, and P.K. Page, among many others from the 1950s onward. Features essays by Carolyn Zonailo, George Mcwhirter, Judith Copithorne, Susan Mccaslin, Hilary Turner, Joseph Blake, Michael Barnholden, Colin James Sanders, Mike Doyle, Frances Cabahug, Paul Falardeau, Chelsea Thornton, Martin Van Woudenberg, Ron Dart, and Trevor Carolan.

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