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PDF This collection of seminal and provocative essays draws together writings on religion and globalization, conflict, development, and international relations theory from the scholar Scott M Thomas.

Through a detailed introduction and conclusion written specifically for the volume, Thomas seeks to sculpt them into a "new "argument regarding religion, theology, politics, and international relations beginning to carve out a space for a interpretive approach to the study of religion and international relations.

The essays are structured into three key sections:

Bringing Religion Back into the Theory of International Relations International Security and the Global Resurgence of Religion The Catholic Church and the Study of International Relations
Arguing that more time needs to be spent considering who benefits from the way the religious turn in IR has been constructed and what is it supposed to accomplish, this work from a scholar at the forefront of the debate will be a valuable resource for students and scholars of religion & politics, theology, security studies and international relations.


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