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PDF The typical story of the adolescent years of boy-meets-girl/teen troubles. Though it's a predictable but touching story, the characters come alive through emotional depth. Michael Marino had just moved to a small town in Pennsylvania. Dealing with the recent death of his mother and a hard core Marine Sergeant father, he finds it hard to make new friends. He soon hooks up with a couple of older boys and gets the reputation of a neighborhood trouble maker. Michael befriends a junkie, Rich, who sees Michael's future better than Michael sees it himself. Rich is a particularly powerful character who blurs the good boy/bad boy line. Eric is the well drawn best friend characters who's innocents gives support to Michael. Jane transcends the usual teen heroine with her unconditional love and support for Michael through her good sense. Michael's relationship with his father and their reconcile is perhaps the most touching of the story. {} {}

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