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PDF Henry George’s Chinese immigration won the praise in California and launched his career as reformer and railroad critic.

Although Henry George admitted his first analysis of the issue of Chinese immigration was “crude”, he defended many of these statements for the rest of his life. In particular he argued that immigrants accepting lower wages had the undesirable effect of forcing down wages generally. Is this familiar argument today? Therefore, Henry Gorge is talking a general immigration issue under the name of Chinese Immigration that Chinese immigration is the scapegoat of the tough competition.

Today, immigration is normal part of Globalization to effectively add comparative advantages of a local economic entity. Re-visiting Henry George’s view of Chinese Immigrating can be a mirror for policy makers across countries to avoid short sight by Henry George, one of the finest American economists.

The bottom line of immigration trend is driven by economic profits. It is an effective and efficient way to allocate global resources. Therefore, the global leaders across the countries need to take the responsibilities of setting up a new global framework of moving forward the global immigration policies to better serve globalize workforces with different skill sets on a fair economic landscape.

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