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PDF I thought that this book clearly told me what happened in Egypt in the Middle Ages. In this book it talked about the first pyramid that they built for the king, queen, and pharaoh. The kings tomb was buried in the middle in a neutral room and the queens tomb was built in a smaller room but still neutral. For the brick they used silt from the bottom of water resources and formed it into the shape of a brick, and then dried it in the heat of the sun. The bricks that were harder than others were put on the outside to keep the pyramid in good shape the harder bricks were on the outside to withstand the heat.
This book also talked about one of their first towns for the workers that were working on the pyramid so they could have shelter. There were guards around the perimeter of the villages to keep out other people. On street corners in the town were places to buy jewelry, food, home supplies, ETC. I thought by the looks of the town it wold n't be terrible to live in one of their houses, of course in a few days I would hate it but right now I don't think it's half bad. I don't really make big reviews so this is it.

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