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PDF I feel a little ashamed for extracting a quotation—it's like sharing the name and exact location of a wonderful little café or a quiet stretch of beach, enjoyed by a select few, with a million other people—but I like it so much, and I want to remember it.

"I suddenly began to feel awfully happy. . . . I enjoyed all kinds of things I'd never noticed before—people, for instance. I'd never cared about them much, but they really were rather nice. Often I'd stood in a street looking at them and thought how ugly they were; if only the street became filled with squirrels and bears and deer and foxes, how different it would look! How could people think they were lords of creation when they were so hideous and miserable and wherever they went they made ugliness and called it 'progress' and 'civilization'? Now I began to notice how kind some people looked and how interesting others were, and some were so good-looking it was a pleasure to see them and watch them moving. I thought perhaps people are an acquired taste like olives." (p. 145)

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