Mark L. Van Name - All the Worlds Against Us (John & Lobo, #6). PDF

PDF At WorldCon and in email, a lot of folks have asked recently about the status of the next Jon & Lobo book.That's more than fair, because in my ideal world the book would have appeared earlier this summer.It did not, however, for a very simple reason:I'm not done with it yet.I'm working on it, but I don't know when I'll finish.I've told this to folks, but otherwise I've stayed mum on the book.That practice is, unsurprisingly, more than a little frustrating to many people.I've explained before why I try to avoid talking about works in progress, but I also don't mean to be annoying by doing so.

After much thought, I've decided to leak one little tidbit about the next book:its title.Though I don't know when I will complete the novel, I do know its name:

All the Worlds Against Us

No, I did not miss an apostrophe; I really mean all the worlds of my future.

I will also say that the title is rather more true than Jon & Lobo would like.

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