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PDF Frank M. Ahearn is an internationally known privacy expert and author of two books, How to Disappear and The Digital Hit Man. His new book The Art & War of Publishing Frank reveals how he was able to sell his first book How to Disappear to Lyons Press for a 28.5k advance, Penguin Books Australia for $10k and to several publishers in various countries without using an agent. In The Art & War of Publishing Frank's writes about his unconventional and take no prisoners method of marketing that sky rocketed How to Disappear to be one of Lyons Press top selling book on Amazon. Most incredibly is Frank turned down a $38.5 advance from Lyons Press for a second book and decided to self-publish The Digital Hit Man and make it his very own bestseller. Whether publishing with a mainstream publishing house or going the venture alone The Art of War is an important read and will help you on your marketing journey.

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