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When the arrogant captain came to escort Anna Thorson to her future husband, the stunning blonde was at her wits' end. How could she leave her home to marry a man she didn't know and didn't love? But as she glared defiantly at Phillip Bradford's handsome face, her anger melted away. His teasing blue eyes caressed her, undressed her, and she knew in her heart that he was the only man she'd ever desire.


Phillip was astounded when he met the Swedish beauty. She was the woman of his dreams, his fantasy come true. But how could he deliver her to another man's bed when he wanted her to warm his own? He was fascinated by the creamy smoothness of her skin, aroused by the soft curves of her flesh. He tried to fight his forbidden passion, but when he saw her innocent gaze, felt her tremble at his touch, he imagined their bodies joining forever in Ecstasy's Paradise.

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