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PDF Published in December 2010, First Strike (subtitle: BattleCorps Compilation Vol 2; also "BattleCorps Anthology Vol 2" on the inside imprint) is a print anthology of 16 short stories previously published via BattleCorps plus one previously unpublished story, with an introduction ("Foreward") by Loren L. Coleman narrating the inception of BattleCorps again, though from a slightly different angle than in the first anthology, and again a brief "About the authors" section in the back plus illustrations of several BattleMechs, vehicles and spacecraft.
The anthology was also published in EPUB/Kindle format on 15 December 2010.


Broken Blade (Steven Mohan Jr.)
Gravity Poisoning (Loren L. Coleman)
Every Twelve Seconds... (Jeff Kautz)
On the Square (Jason Schmetzer)
Old Legends Never Die (Louisa M. Swann)
The Price of Conviction (Randall N. Bills)
Ants (Jason M. Hardy)
Mirage (Dayle A. Dermatis)
The Heart of Dixie (Blaine Lee Pardoe)
Pirate Hunt (Dan C. Duval)
Be Not Afraid of Greatness (Phaedra M. Weldon)
Callie's Call (Victor Milán)
Pack Hunters (Jason Schmetzer)
Red Khopesh (Steven Mohan Jr.)
The Last Full Measure (Kevin Killiany)
Of War and Peace and Cherry Trees (Steven Mohan Jr.)
Fall of the Blossom (Steven Mohan Jr.)

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