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PDF Have you ever watched those fellows on the street with the shells and the bean? You know the game, three shells laid out and only one has the bean; the fellow shuffles them around and all you have to do is follow the bean…ever see anyone win that game? It is rare, for the game is the same principle as Three-card Monte, which is illegal in many cities worldwide. The reason is that it is a con or confidence game. The game involves slight-of-hand and the careful removal of the bean so that regardless of the shell you choose, you lose. The way these guys get people to play is by demonstrating how easy it is to play and by putting on an entertaining show. The show draws the unsuspecting in. By making the game appear so easy, many believe that they will be able to make a quick win.

This reminds me of property spruikers.

These guys put on a great show, driving flashy cars and wearing showy watches or sporting fancy cell phones or such. They look for those wanting to make a quick and easy buck then tell them all about the real estate “game.” Often, they even quote verifiable stats and sources, such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics. One of the favourite tactics today is to claim that history proves that property values double every seven years. That’s simply not true.

Learn how to safely invest by avoiding the most common mistakes that property investors make with this book from expert property investor Paul Wilson.

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