Margaret Peterson Haddix - Redeemed (The Missing #8). PDF

PDF 2/11/15
i thought this book was a fake.
Am I confused? Yes.
Was there a convincing ending to the other book? Yes.

But i still want this to happen :)

"Yesterday I mailed my editor the final copyedited/proofread/finished version of REDEEMED, the eighth and very last book in the Missing series. Today I suddenly realized I won’t write (or rewrite) anything about Jonah, Katherine, Chip, etc., ever again. After hanging out with them for eight years, it feels a little like sending kids off to college… in another galaxy. Where I won’t ever see them again. On the bright side for everyone else: REDEEMED is coming your way Sept. 8, with a lot more time travel and twists and surprises!"

Im dead. #confused #thoughtitended #stillneedthebook

So im looking at the cover and im thinking, "Im so happy the magic box on all the new covers that isnt even in the book is getting distroyed" yay. Destroying something that never existed!

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