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PDF Hector Bolitho served as an Intelligence Officer with the R.A.F. from the beginning of the war to the end.

He describes himself as a ‘Penguin in the eyrie’, because he did not fly in combat with the birds of prey.

But the extent of his experience was remarkable.

He served first, in the Air Ministry where he created the R.A.F. Journal, which became the official news magazine of the Service. Then he edited the secret intelligence review for Coastal Command, and in the last phase of the war he moved among the squadrons of aircraft that fought the U-boats and kept them out of the Channel, while the invasion fleet was crossing to France.

Based upon his diaries, 'Penguin In The Eyrie' tells the story of these courageous years, as told to him by the pilots when they returned form battle. And it also reveals the character, and the humour, of the R.A.F. during the long years when the aircrews were the front line in the defence of Britain.

'Penguin In The Eyrie' is a unique memoir of the RAF at war, and essential reading for anyone interested in the era.

'A fascinating, stirring memoir that captures the era perfectly.' - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of 'Trade Off'.

(Henry) Hector Bolitho (28 May 1897 – 12 September 1974) was a prolific author, novelist and biographer. In total, he had 59 books published, including ‘Queen Victoria’ and ‘Albert: Prince Consort’.

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