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PDF Colour is the most difficult problem facing the home decorator. In Think Colour, celebrated designer Tricia Guild uses her instinctive understanding of light and space to create dynamic and inspirational settings for contemporary living. Colour can be used to create of change the mood of a room and the six chapters feature an exhilarating mix of moods highlighting the choice of colours with which they are created: Joyful and Vivacious - citrus and cerise; Serene and Pure - aqua and sea-green; Soulful and Contemplative - neutrals and naturals; Dynamic and Sexy - rich berry shades; Relaxed and Restful - lavender and blues; Fresh and Stimulating - turquoise and lime. In each chapter, Tricia explains how she creates rooms, from the first assessment of their atmosphere and dimensions, to the choice and juxtaposition of colours...

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