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PDF Dora and her friends have gathered to have a party on Christmas Eve! Everyone brings their favorite dish. Dora wears her pretty red dress and Boots wears his new bow tie. The party is going well until Swiper The Fox steals the gold star for the Christmas Tree. Santa Claus informs Swiper that he is on the naughty list because he frequently takes things that do not belong to him. Swiper has a change of heart and gives Dora back the gold star! Everyone celebrated and watched Santa go off into the night to deliver presents!

In terms of literacy, this is a great mentor text to introduce the craft of character. The book has both good and bad characters. A comparison activity will add a discussion dynamic.

This is a great mentor text to discuss conflict and solution. Students will be asked what is the problem or what is wrong. Then students will be asked how was the problem solved?

This book will lead into a narrative about holiday traditions. Students will be asked how do their families celebrate holidays? Students will write a narrative and include a detailed visual.

This book is a great read aloud because it is short and captures the children's attention. The book also glows in the dark ;) COOL!

In terms of ESOL learners this book may attempt to bridge a gap between Spanish Speaking Learners. the book uses Spanish words such as Nochebuena,perfecrto, caramelos, and Feliz Navidad

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